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Welcome to the dog selection section of our site. At K9-101 we believe that temperment testing a dog is only one part of a very complicated puzzle. Temperment testing a person, thier lifestyle, activity level and previous experience play as much or more of a role as understanding what type of dog we are looking for. in this section we will focus on

the human.

when selecting a companion.

UniquePlan Dog Compatibility Matcher

How Compatibility Matcher Works

at K9-101 we have whittled down hundreds of questions into three main categories. we believe that by answering these simple questions, we can help you find the right dog for you and your family. Have a look at the criteria and start when you are ready!

Just like every dog has its own energy level, so to do people have a preferred activity level. By looking at your lifestyle and energy level, we can match you with the perfect companion.


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Energy Level

The amount of time each dog needs either for behavior shaping or learning skills will be greatly affected by the amount of time you have to train with him or her.



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Time Constraints

Most people have been around dogs at one point in their life or another, but previous dog experience focuses on the one on one interaction with dog and handler in a unique way


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Previous Dog Experience

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