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This website was created to educate new adopters, as well as seasoned dog owners on the importance of getting a dog ready to live happy and healthy in todays world. Too often people put the cart before the horse and teach obedience to a dog that has not learned to be obedient.

Using our website  you’ll have access to content that shows you how to introduce your new dog to your home- then out in the world. We want to give you  the right support and education so you'll have the confidence and ability to relate to  your dog in any situation.


To learn more about this you can watch the videos below, read our online resources and even find out when we will be near you.

If you are the type that likes to be more hands on, our seminars may be just the thing for you. We travel to shelters all over California, Texas and new York, So look for us in a town near you!


Live Events

Dont have a dog yet? perfect this is the first step towards finding a perfect match relationship with your next dog.  With our dog matching system, we will temperament test YOU to find the right TYPE of dog, not just the breed!

Once we have found the perfect dog for us, its time to bring him home. the first two weeks are critical in your dogs development.

we can help you with simple exercises that will give you the piece of mind that every dog owner longs for.

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